What You Can Expect

Our clients tell us that working with GCG had a positive impact on their organization from day one and a profound affect over time. Because we excel at both high-level strategy and tactical execution, we not only help you get your house in order, we change the way you look at the whole structure.

We can help you:

Think like an investor: With GCG, you’ll gain the investor’s view of what’s key to your success. Not only have we served as executives at Venture Capital and Private Equity Funds in the past, we are the consultancy that more firms trust for their back-end financial, administrative and human resource management support. By working with more than 200 Venture Capital and Private Equity Funds representing several billion in committed capital, we know what they are looking for in their investments and how to run the successful business they expect to see.

Navigate change: We learn your business inside and out. Where you are strong. Where you need to improve. Where you need to slow down. Where you need to speed up. We operate as both an active team member and a trusted mentor, constantly using our understanding of your unique market, people and business dynamics to help you and your team become more skillful decision makers.

Save time and money: GCG will help you cut costs right away by analyzing your immediate and long-term needs and putting proven, streamlined processes in place. In addition to your partner, you’ll have the expertise of the GCG organization putting their problem solving skills to work for you—across management, finance, operations, accounting, benefits, recruiting—wherever you need the most support and direction.

Speed processes: We expedite the services of your attorneys, accountants and bankers/lenders. Our financial, administrative and HR expertise enables us to communicate effectively with your service providers to move tasks forward and react quickly when changes are required.

Take action: We immediately roll up our sleeves and become part of your team. We not only identify areas of need, we also fill them with competent, capable individuals who pride themselves on delivering both strategy and execution.

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