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Tax Services
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Increased regulatory scrutiny over tax disclosures, account balances, and close cycles have put pressure on organizations to ensure their taxes are airtight. Meanwhile, many organizations without a tax advisor in their corner are not taking full advantage of all the various tax deductions that are available to them. Greenough Group is a premier San Francisco accounting and tax advisory firm that makes the preparation process as easy as possible for you and minimizes your tax liability with careful planning.


Our reputation for quality and exceptional client service has made us one of the financial community’s most highly recommended outsourced accounting and tax advisory firms. We serve a wide variety of companies, from mid-market businesses seeking creative solutions to conserve cash to top venture capital and private equity firms in The Valley and beyond. Greenough will be by your side providing you with over 20 years and 800 companies’ worth of experience.

Tax Services

Tax Strategy and Management

  • Tax Return Preparation
  • Accounting For Income Taxes
  • Tax Audit Representation
  • IRS Appeals
  • Mergers and Acquisition
  • Spin-offs and Divestitures
  • Commercial Real Estate Transactions
  • Tax Due Diligence
  • Employee Benefit Plan Filings
  • Property Tax Preparation
  • Fringe Benefit Calculations
  • Deductible Expense Itemization
  • Payroll Tax Management
  • Federal Corporate Income Tax Filing
  • City Corporate Income Tax Filing
  • Electronic W9 collection, W8 BEN, and W8 BEN-E filing
  • 1099-MISC Filing

Fund Tax Services and Support

  • Review of Private Placement Memoranda
  • Preparation of Federal and State Schedule K-1 Reporting
  • Preparation of K-1 Equivalents and PFIC Statements
  • Preparation of Foreign Partnership, Blocker Corporations and REIT returns
  • Partner Tax Allocations
  • Preparation and Compliance of Foreign Investments
  • US Tax Reporting and Compliance For Foreign Investors

Private Equity and Venture Capital

  • Analysis of Waterfall Distributions For Tax Allocation
  • Qualified Small Business Stock Analysis
  • Management Fee Waivers and Reallocations

Startup R&D Tax Credits

  • R&D Claim Itemization
  • R&D Claim Submission

Multi-State Tax Services

  • Multi-state Income/Franchise Tax
  • State Gross Receipt Tax
  • Multi-state Sales/Use Tax
  • City Gross Receipt Taxes
  • State Credits and Incentives
  • Employment Taxes
  • International Tax Services

International Tax Planning and Compliance

  • Foreign Tax Credit Planning
  • Global Tax Minimization
  • Cross-Border Structuring

Catch-up and Jurisdictional Tax Services

  • Catch-up Tax Filings
  • Additional Jurisdiction Tax Filing
  • Accounting Methodology Change For Tax Filing
  • Foreign Shareholder Return 5472
  • Foreign Financial Accounts
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    Greenough Group CLIENTS

    Meet our clients: The most respected and fastest growing in the Valley.



    Real-word situations. More-than-impressive results

    Lumina Networks

    Lumina Networks, Inc., a leader in open source networking solutions that simplify and automate heterogeneous networks, brought Greenough Group in at the time of Lumina’s spin-out from a large public company.


    Oceanshore Ventures

    Some companies wait until an impending transaction, or until they reach a certain size, to get their financial house in order. Not Oceanshore Ventures. The partners in this early-stage fund recognized that sound financial practices needed to start at the outset. Early on, they brought Greenough Consulting Group on board for its specialized expertise in venture funding.


    500 Startups

    Greenough Group helped 500 Startups with everything from structuring the fund to leasing the office space.



    Folloze, Inc. is a multinational, venture-backed start-up headquartered in the Bay Area. Quickly becoming a leader in the B2B marketing SaaS space, Folloze faced a myriad of challenges brought on by rapid transatlantic expansion.



    For Greenough Group, the most complex challenges are often the most enjoyable. GCG was brought into Starvox, a voice and data communications provider, at a pivotal time for the company. Newly-appointed CEO Tom Rowley was tasked with raising capital through a reverse merger into a public shell, putting Starvox in a position to acquire other companies.


    Gemini Technologies

    Gemini Mobile Technologies, Inc., a mobile messaging and “Big Data” leader, has relied on Greenough Group’s trusted counsel and hands-on expertise for almost six years as Gemini has developed and evolved its business operations.


    Silicon Valley's most respected venture capital firms and their rapidly growing portfolio companies. That’s who we partner with.

    Greenough Group provides finance, accounting, and human resources services to technology companies, venture capital, and private equity funds. Our flexible, scalable, and cost-effective model gives small and growing organizations access to trusted executives with decades of experience as CEOs, CFOs, HR executives, and Fund Managers.

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