Support Start-Ups Growth

With over 17 years of accounting experience in Silicon Valley we answer the questions you did not know you had


Entrepreneurs have a unique balancing act: to build their organizations on a firm financial foundation while conserving limited cash. GCG can help startups “start up right” by putting in place all the systems and procedures you need for a solid financial future. From basic bookkeeping and accounting services to full-service CFO and HR support, you can rely on the professionals at GCG to focus on your finances while you concentrate on growing your business. Accounting for startups offers unique challenges, let Greenough Group guide you.


Interim/Part-time Support


What You Can Expect

Save time and money: GCG will help you cut costs right away by analyzing your immediate and long-term needs and putting proven, streamlined processes in place. In addition to your partner, you’ll have the expertise of the GCG organization putting their problem-solving skills to work for you—across management, finance, operations, accounting, benefits, recruiting—wherever you need the most support and direction.

Think like an investor: With GCG, you’ll gain the investor’s view of what’s key to your success. Not only have we served as executives at Venture Capital and Private Equity Funds in the past, we are the consultancy that more firms trust for their back-end financial, administrative and human resource management support. By working with more than 200 Venture Capital and Private Equity Funds representing several billion in committed capital, we know what they are looking for in their investments and how to run the successful business they expect to see.