Shital Patel is a Financial Consultant at Greenough Consulting Group (GCG).  He is a Big 4 trained CPA with 20+ years of extensive management, operational and technical experience in both the private and public accounting arenas.

Prior to GCG, Shital spent 8 years as a consulting CPA for Venture Capital clients,  (Funds and General Partner—Family Offices) and start-up portfolio companies as well as performing tax preparation/compliance, planning and providing advisory services  to multiple Partnerships and Corporations across various industries.  Prior to his CPA practice, Shital spent 3 years as a Director of Finance for Gabriel Venture Partners and Earlybird Venture Capital.  Prior to Earlybird he spent several years in Public Accounting with Ernst & Young, Deloitte and OUM performing audits of Public and Private entities across various sectors.

Outside of work, Shital enjoys spending time with his family, watching and refereeing soccer games and traveling around the globe.