Midmarket Companies

Midmarket organizations are often going through business changes so quickly, it’s challenging for CEOs and CFOs to keep up. They struggle to build and maintain an appropriately staffed team, to handle increasingly complex issues, and to accommodate new processes due to domestic and international expansion. Regardless of where your needs are greatest, the seasoned professionals at GCG can do everything from filling in the gaps to taking the helm—all at a far lower cost than hiring executives or additional staff.


Interim/Part-time Support


What You Can Expect

Navigate change: We learn your business inside and out. Where you are strong. Where you need to improve. Where you need to slow down. Where you need to speed up. We operate as both an active team member and a trusted mentor, constantly using our understanding of your unique market, people and business dynamics to help you and your team become more skillful decision makers.

Take action: We immediately roll up our sleeves and become part of your team. We not only identify areas of need, we also fill them with competent, capable individuals who pride themselves on delivering both strategy and execution.

Speed processes: We expedite the services of your attorneys, accountants and bankers/lenders. Our financial, administrative and HR expertise enables us to communicate effectively with your service providers to move tasks forward and react quickly when changes are required.

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