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Startup Cross Border 101


Can you launch a business in the US as a non-resident? How are business entities in the US different from China? How to build a sustainable financial system? How to set up and manage stock option plans? This episode answers questions for international start-ups to help them set up financial systems in the US.

外国人可以在美国建公司吗?美国的商业组织形式和中国有什么不同?美国创业公司的财务系统如何建立,股权激励计划是怎样设计和管理的? 这集视频面向更广泛的创业者群体,总结了创业者在跨境美国发展业务中经常出现的问题,使用手把手的方法,帮助创业公司搭建财务系统。

Venture Capital Business Setup in US


What are the basic entities that make up a venture capital fund in the US? Why use a master fund under master-feeder structure?  What steps are needed to do portfolio valuation? This episode introduces basic concepts to set up and manage a venture capital business in the US.

在美国建立风险投资基金,基本组织结构是什么样的? 跨境基金,为什么母基金要设立在离岸的避税港湾里?投资组合估值的具体步骤是什么? 这集视频为您介绍了在美国搭建和管理风险投资基金的基本思路,将实战经验和理论紧密结合。


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