Joni Kamrar is a Finance Consultant with Greenough Consulting Group (GCG).

She has been providing services to the venture capital industry for over 25 years. Joni has a diverse background including fund accounting and reporting for both top tier venture firms and micro-VC firms. She also has extensive experience working with high net-worth individuals and partnership tax accounting.

Prior to joining GCG, Joni spent five years as a contracted Controller in the micro-VC space, fourteen years as Controller/Consultant for high net-worth individuals, eight years with Institutional Venture Partners and Sigma Partners, and two years in the VC tax group at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Outside of work, Joni enjoys spending time with her family, visiting Seattle, and reading. She is a fan of all places coastal and/or forested and can often be found outdoors, hiking.