Gender Equality – Are you ready?

Gender equality is not a new idea but it does have a new face and her name is Ellen Pao.  Women have fought for their right to vote, for their rights to work in an environment free from sexual harassment, for equal jobs and equal pay.   Pao’s case simply reflects the current struggles for today’s modern business woman.

Although the verdict is in and Kleiner Perkins was released of any wrong doing that does not make the issue of gender equality go away.  In fact, it’s just the tip of the ice berg.  With more law suits filed (two this past week, one against Facebook and the other with Twitter) and more on the horizon, companies of all sizes should sit up and take notice.

It’s time to take a long look at your company’s practices:  Are they free of discrimination and harassment?  Do you have the same set of promotion rules for everyone?  Is there disparaged treatment or double standards?  Do you offer equal pay for equal work?  Are your policies enforced?

If Kleiner Perkins can be dragged into a costly and image damaging litigation how ready are you?

Leann Proud
HR Consultant and Practice Manager
Greenough Group