Alan Yang is a Financial Consultant with Greenough Consulting Group (GCG).  He is also GCG’s Director of Business Development and IT.  Alan’s clients consist of start-ups, venture capital, private equity and private companies that span a wide variety of industries. 

Alan has over 12 years of professional accounting and finance experience. He specializes in assisting early stage companies through the accounting and back office needs in their early growth cycle up through fundraising and M&A. Alan also has extensive experience with providing accounting services to the venture capital industry which tie his audit and tax background together. In addition to his accounting experience, Alan has implemented NetSuite for over 50 companies.

Prior to GCG, Alan was a Senior Controller and Head of Technology at tempCFO, Inc., an auditor with Deloitte, and tax professional with PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Alan enjoys most outdoor activities as long as it doesn’t involve heights. In the winter, you’re most likely to find him chasing snowstorms in Tahoe